Sunday, 14 June 2015

St Margaret & St Remigius, Seething

Oh dear, another locked Norfolk church….Thankfully an elderly man lived close by who happily gave us the large heavy key with the cautionary words that it would require inserting “bottom side up” into the keyhole to make it turn….easily negotiated!
Upon descending through the late medieval door into the nave we were greeted by a magnificent array of C14 medieval wall paintings all round the church. These included a large one of St Christopher which faces the South door, and another which I think may be John the Baptist on the wall over the pulpit. 

There are also pictures among others which represent the Resurrection and the Ascension.        I was in awe at seeing such fine surviving medieval wall art...This church is a must for anyone who has an interest in early art.

There’s a seven sacrament font here which dates from 1485. I’ve seen quite a few of this type in churches spread over East Anglia.

The Norman arch between nave and tower is large, and a rood stairway with faint traces of paint still on the doorjambs is settled in the SE corner of the nave

 The dado panels of the C15 rood screen are decorated with gessowork…but I think the upper screen maybe C19

<< church interior

The chancel is quite plain but has a nice atmosphere. It contains a cusped piscina and a drop-sill sedilia from the early medieval era


 The pleasant East window is C19 >>

There are other delightful windows throughout the church from the C13 lancet to the C14 and C15 ones.

In the churchyard there’s a touching tribute in the form of a headstone to the memory of the 448Bomb Squadron, 8th United states Air force

 I thought this churchyard would have been larger, but parts of it are now designated as Wildlife Conservation areas, which is lovely.
I’ve noticed on my travels lately that a good many churches nowadays have adopted the same idea.

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