Sunday, 29 March 2015

All Saints, Chedgrave

At first glance from a distance this is a a very odd looking church, with it’s short square thatched Norman tower situated at the NE corner of the chancel,

Once inside the 1880’s  South porch we see, what to me is the best part of this church – it’s glorious Norman doorway…East Anglia is very fortunate to have so many of these wonderful early medieval church doorways. The carving is simply wonderful on this South doorway at All Saints, but isn't so spectacular over the church’s North door.

<< South door

Mass/scratch dials can still be distinguished on the outer wall near the porch door, which has a splendid gate safeguarding the Norman door within.

The interior of the church is surprisingly light and airy, considering the shortage of windows.
 ....At the West end of the nave is the octagonal is typically C15 in style and carved with angels holding shields.

 High up on the West wall there’s a small Norman slit window.

The stained glass in the East window is very striking, it was restored in 1976 and originally came from Rouen Cathedral during the French Revolution.. It brightens up the rather simple altar below.

Access to the North tower is gained through a little doorway  from the chancel. Although the inner walls of the church are now whitewashed there’s evidence in this North tower (now used as the vestry) that early wall paintings are hidden underneath.  The painting fragments seen around the West window in the tower (below) are believed to come from the C11. 

I was quite taken with this particular ledger stone…A few wall memorials in the church are also of interest

Over the centuries this church has had many alterations carried out – some pleasing and others not quite so much…The North aisle of All saints is a relatively modern addition to the church, being constructed in 1819…it lies directly behind the West wall of the North tower, which is the main reason the church has it’s unique shape >>>

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