Sunday, 8 February 2015

Covehithe.. the Church of St Andrew

I have been back to visit this church and the surrounding area many times over the last few is adjacent to the North Sea on the Suffolk coast and proves to be a lovely tranquil place for me to visit especially during the Summer months.
 Covehithe is  a tiny hamlet tucked well away from any urban development, it is reached by a narrow lane which leads to nowhere- except to the speedy encroachment of the sea erosion
...In less than a hundred years from now I fear this church will be lost to the sea as so many others along this stretch of coastline 
have been.

Lane leading from the church to the cliff edge... 

The original church built in the 15th century was very large but the upkeep of it proved to be too expensive. At this period the rural people were extremely poor and were of a more puritan leaning, so they allowed what must have been a magnificent building to deteriorate…At the peak of the puritan cleansing the stained glass was removed and either destroyed or sold.  In the 17th century the roof was removed, and  permission was granted for a small thatched roof church to be  built inside the outer walls of the original one and adjacent to the original Tower…this Tower at one time used to act as a marker for the ships at sea.

On entering the Church the first thing I noticed was the alarming sight of green mould streaking up the wall of the original
West Tower!

 The impressive 15th century sculptured Font now stands in situ in front of this West wall.

The pews are also 15th century and adorned with lovely poppy head carvings on their ends.

The beautifully carved Pulpit is 17th century and octagonal in design

There are five bells which are believed to be some of the oldest in the Country.

The Royal arms of George 111 is on the the outer wall under the tower arch and overlooks the entrance into the church.      

Although this small 17th century church is simple and maybe isn’t of too much interest to some visitors, the sight of the impressive ruins acting as it's dramatic backdrop  is a picture one will always cherish.

The CCT have taken over the upkeep of the Tower and original ruined walls.

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