Thursday, 21 August 2014

Locked churches 2&3

2)   All Saints, Kirby Cane
This is another round towered church which stands back from the road amidst a spacious churchyard containing large yew trees, which give immediate evidence of the age of this church.
All Saints is not a large church but has a beautiful Norman South doorway, with a  door covered with C17 graffiti

There's an impressive East window which shows to perfection it’s stretched glass which makes the window appear to shimmer.

<< a niche at one side of the porch which probably held a statuette of one of the saints.

...and a scratch dial(sometimes called Mass dials) is scratched in a stone near one of the nave windows  >>

There’s a blocked up doorway in the north wall of the church.

A nice war memorial stands on the East side of the churchyard,.

This churchyard is badly overgrown in some parts, but I noticed this ‘Alleluya’(sic) marker amidst the graves….I wonder if it’s meant as a grave marker, or is it just a post to *praise the Lord*?…it seems oddly situated in the churchyard if that is the case.

3)   St Mary’s Ellingham
This square towered church is found on a corner approached via a country lane…A sign by the front gate tells us that the roof no longer contains lead ….I assume thieves had already purloined it!
This is a very well kept churchyard with only a small section given over to conservation.

I love this sentimental grave with it’s carved dog, I hazard a  guess the deceased must have been a dog lover.

I was able to get a fair picture of some of the stained glass windows in the nave, taken through a pane of clear glass from the other side of the church.

A war memorial stands just through the gates

Sadly I didn’t see many headstones in this churchyard to excite my curiosity


  1. What a pity that they had to be closed.

    1. You're so right, such a pity, but sadly that's a sign of the times :-(