Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Holy Trinity church, Bungay

Holy Trinity stands just across the road from the larger, now redundant church of St Mary, in the town centre.
 It’s a small early medieval round towered church, with a C15 castellated porch, and stair turret. This church now serves both the parishes of St Mary and Holy Trinity.  It is the oldest building in Bungay as it dates back to the late Saxon period and is built from flint and rubble, as are so many churches from this date.
The present porch door is C19 and replaced a much earlier door which had been  damaged in 1688 when a fire destroyed a large part of St Mary’s Priory church across the road, and also a great deal of Bungay town itself.

 Unfortunately on the day I visited Holy Trinity I found it closed to the public as interior  repair and restoration work was being carried out.
I was allowed inside the porch to take a photo of these fine head stops beside the church doorway arch..They are discoloured due to the heat of that great fire in 1688 which thankfully was prevented from encroaching  beyond this church's door.
… and I managed to take a picture of the church interior from outside- through a pane of clear glass in one of the nave windows – a poor substitute I know, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances…I hope to come back here to take ‘proper’  photographs of the interior once the church restoration and repair work is completed..

There’s a scratch dial on the SE buttress - these were often found on medieval churches, but most are now wearing away with the passage of time.

 The windows have some very fine tracery…they must look spectacular from inside the church.

 Blocked Norman slit window on the North wall of the church.

While walking round the churchyard I noticed a few headstones of interest, especially this one belonging to Henry Scarle, a 23yr old who worked as a waterman.  He was brutally set upon and murdered by two men while he was working on his boat. His murderers were arrested,. brought to trial and sentenced to death. They were publicly hanged at Norwich on 30th March 1787.

A very sad story which has gone down in Bungay history.  A young man cruelly cut down in his prime while loyally protecting his employers property..

I sincerely hope I can get back to visit this church again as there's so much of interest which I couldn't get to explore.

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