Saturday, 28 June 2014

St Andrew's Church, Framlingham Pigot

When I turned the bend in the road leading to St Andrew’s church I had a surprise – almost a shock at what faced me -  the tower of the church looked like a minaret, rising up toward the sky… this was not what I was expecting to see on a Christian church…
I was totally intrigued and could hardly wait to find out the reason why this church didn’t have a traditional type Christian tower. Sadly there was no exciting explanation. It was built like that on the whim of Mr George Christie, a  wealthy local landowner who thought the original run-down round towered church was not in keeping with the ‘modern’ houses he’d had constructed for his employees, so he commissioned Robert Kerr in 1859 to build a new ornate church in it's place.

The church is mainly constructed of flint but the off-set tower is stone. This may appear incongruous to some people (me included) but, as the saying goes ‘each to his own’’

Inside the church is a delightful pulpit,

... and high above the chancel arch is a most unusual doom depiction…it has Christ sitting in judgement and flanked by two angels.

The square font serves it's purpose although it's not to my own particular taste

The chancel has a beautifully painted ceiling with impressive corbel heads

...and in the Sanctuary is an old piscina - perhaps this was saved from the ruins when the original church was demolished, although it could just have easily been brought in from elsewhere.

The C19 stained glass windows are really quite lovely and show good workmanship

 I really liked the church porch with it’s statuette of St Andrew in the niche above it’s door
This immaculate church is set between fields in rural Norfolk and appears to follow the high church tradition…

…Even if at first glance the outward appearance is a surprise to many who visit, I hope they remain open minded, as St Andrew’s turns out to be a real C19 treasure.


  1. It does look a real 19th century treasure - especially the pulpit. I enjoyed reading about St. Andrew's and your other wonderful churches. Best wishes, Cathy

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments Cathy