Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Season's Greetings


                  We are at this wonderful time of year once more.

I love the lead up to Christmas with all the carol services, Nativity Plays and the Salvation Army playing carols in the town centre.

This week I went to a local church to photograph it's interior, where local schools and groups had all decorated Christmas trees to stand in the church over the festive period...it's only a small church but there must be about forty of these trees placed around the church.  It's not something I've witnessed before, but it's a truly magical sight.
                   These are a few which are standing in the chancel

All my family are gathering at my son's house this year for Christmas -  Family is so important. I wished everyone could be as fortunate as me......
....but I hope everyone receives God's blessing this Christmas.

My next little posting on here will be in January, so may I wish anyone who has spared the time to read my 'trials and tribulations' over the past year, a very happy, and healthy Christmas, and I hope you're able to keep any New Year resolutions you may make.

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  1. Merry Christmas Ann, the local church looks lovely.