Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I need an explanation..

I  had an experience a few days ago which was quite unsettling, in fact it’s something which I still can’t understand.

The day was like any other. It was early afternoon and I was sitting in the lounge reading in a chair opposite my front window which looks down my drive..
I think I must have been about to fall asleep as I had one of those unpleasant jolts which suddenly brought me back into focus.
As I was about to continue reading I glanced out through my window and saw my Dad come through my double gates and walk up the drive and carry on alongside one of my side windows. To be honest my immediate thought was to wonder why Dad was calling on me at this particular time. ...I started to rise from my chair to go and greet him and then quickly sat down again…..My Dad died twelve years ago!!

I was shaking and rushed outside to see who was out there, but there wasn’t anyone.
This was no fleeting apparition or shadow which I’d seen, and my dad had not been in my thoughts previously during the day where I could have perhaps projected thought into vision.. He was as solid and real as ever he’d been, and was in my sight for at least eight seconds as I watched him dressed in a burgundy pullover I'd knitted for him, walk up my drive and passed the side window 

I’m definitely not a fanciful person and am a complete sceptic about unexplained things, but to say this unsettled me is an understatement.

 I no have explanation for what happened and nothing like this has ever happened to me before.
I would appreciate any feedback.


  1. You're not alone Ann, I have had this similar experience as well. I think your Dad may just be letting you know that he is watching over you, and that he loves you hence why he was wearing the jumper you knitted for him. If he looked worried, he may be trying to express his concern but if he looked happy (wearing your jumper) he wants you to know he is happy where he is. Just my humble opinion, from one who has regular "visits" from family that have passed over. xxxx

  2. I too have had a visit from my Dad in the past Ann, and echo Debra's thoughts on why it happened. My Son also has 'seen' him and he was only 7 when Dad died, although they were very close, and he 'feels' him with him when he has difficult times.
    Hard to say if its wishful thinking or real, but I love it that he's looking out for us all xx

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I know some people get comfort from this sort of experience but I found it very unnerving and hope it never happens again..

  4. Ann, I have long (most of my life) been a believer in the fact that there is much in this world that I do not understand. That there are larger forces than my simple mind can imagine.

    Call it faith, call it whatever. I have had several experiences that have convinced me that there are realms that I can touch, sometimes, but not often.

    I do not doubt, I just accept. I do not question, I just accept. Call it serendipity, call it love, call it coincidence, call it luck, call it weird, call it whatever you want, for me, it is there.

    No, I do not understand, I do not go seeking an explanation. It happens, I accept it as a gift offered, smile humbly, and hope that many more such gifts come my way.