Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The New Year

A new start to a New Year

After a few bleak months leading up to Christmas, it’s nice to see 2013 enter with a glorious sunrise followed by a blue sky and sunshine, which continued throughout the New Year day… I hope this is a good sign for what’s in store for the whole of this new year.

Not long after the euphoria of the 2012 Olympics had died down I was faced with my little Cairn Terrier going down with a serious pancreatic illness.. She had to spend some time in the Veterinary Hospital and it was a big worry right up to Christmas. ..Although she’s still not completely well, I’m hopeful that she’s on the road to recovery – but there's still some way to go. I’ve been told this is an illness that could flare up again at any time, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this won’t happen.
..Animal lovers will understand my concern.

I noticed this morning that the joggers were out in force along the cliffs again – no doubt a New Year resolution to get rid of the excesses of the holiday period…..This happens every year, but it only needs a few nasty mornings and most of the joggers will prefer to stay at home and rely on the intake of a sensible diet alone to lose those extra pounds….I call them *fair weather joggers*

….I wonder how many New Year resolutions are seen through to the bitter end!!
I never make a New Year resolution myself as I  know I’d never be able to keep it going all year. (at least I’m being honest) lol

To anyone who spends a few minutes every now and again throughout the year reading my ramblings and observations on Family History on this Blog, I wish 2013 will bless you with happiness and good health…..An ancestor of mine used to say as the New Year was heralded in… *quote* I managed to get through the last year, so as long as this new one is no worse, I’ll be here this time next year to tell the tale *unquote* …Prophetically wise words.

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