Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Unexplained

When I was a child I took great delight in listening to the stories my late grandmother used to relate about the time she spent working in service when she first left school….One such story was about her bedroom door which she closed when she retired to bed each night and would find it standing ajar again each morning.
She thought it was one of the other servants playing pranks on her, so decided at bedtime to place a chair against the door with it wedged under the handle, so that no-one could try to open the door  without her knowledge. But it made no difference, every morning the door stood wide open and the chair was standing back in it’s usual place in the bedroom.
…I never found out if her story was true or if it was one she made up to entertain and perhaps scare her grandchildren little.

As I grew up this and other similar unexplained stories were despatched firmly to the back of my mind, as I’m inclined to be sceptical over anything out of the ordinary that occurs, and can usually offer a valid explanation for it….Occasionally though something happens which defies logic.

One such example happened to my husband and myself a few years ago when we had our dog with us.. We’d decided to visit an old prison which after being closed for almost a hundred years had been turned into a museum….The visit was going smoothly with nothing untoward happening, until we came upon this one particular small empty room. To our astonishment our dog refused to go over the threshold, she stood rigid with her hair bristling and uttering a low continuous growl. Nothing we did could coerce her into that room.
Neither my husband nor I could see or sense anything out of the ordinary in there but decided to mention what had happened to one of the staff as we left the museum. We were flabbergasted when told that they’d had other dogs visiting who’d reacted in exactly the same way when reaching the doorway of that particular room…It appears this was the room were prisoners were held just moments prior to being taken to their execution.
…Upon further investigation we found that there’d been one young man in the early 19thC who’d protested his innocence right up until the noose was put around his neck, and swore as they blindfolded him that someone would pay for this injustice....Was it his spirit haunting the room??
….a bit spooky!

Is it possible that dogs can pick up on a young man’s tormented soul or a presence in that room....or is there some logical explanation which we couldn’t find?
…I have to say the experience, was unnerving and even today sends shivers down my spine whenever I think about it..

So, am I still a sceptic about such things?.....Yes, but with definite reservations, as I’ve learnt there are many grey areas where there is no plausible or logical explanation.


  1. I am too sceptic about things like this, but there are definitely things that happen that we can't explain. Similarly, my mother's dog often will growl and bark and things in the house at night when there isn't anything there. We later found out her house is built on top of an old 16/17th century graveyard. Sounds like something right out of a horror film!

  2. Tales like this certainly make the nerves tingle. I suspect we'll never get to know all the answers. thank you for your comment.