Sunday, 18 December 2011

A time for reflection

This is the time of year when our emotions are heightened.

Childhood innocence is the most magical of things at Christmas - oh, if only it could last for a lifetime! But our lives are made up of many emotions and it isn't long before reality overtakes the innocence.

A child born any time of the year is a true blessing, but a child born at Christmas holds a special significance.
This year my family welcomed in the middle of December the very premature birth of my beautiful niece. She has a long way to go but we're hopeful with God's help and all our prayers that she'll make it.

At Christmas we should remember there are people who perhaps through no fault of their own will have no home or family to spend it with. I hope the more fortunate people among us will hold out a helping hand to them.

Sadly many elderly people will spend Christmas alone, so I pray they have kind neighbours to keep an eye on them, to make sure all is well.

Then there are people like myself who find that Christmas is a bitter-sweet time. It's joyful to still have family around me, but I also reflect on the memories I spent with loved ones I've lost.

Above all this is a time for sharing and caring - if we give out joy and happiness, we'll receive it back....

I hope that anyone who spares the time to read this blog will have a truly joyful, peaceful and healthy Christmas.


  1. Lovely sentiments well said and indeed shared. My home will be full of family again this Christmas but having worked for many years with homeless people I am also very aware of the loneliness and despair that this time of year can bring. Have a peaceful and joyful Christmas yourself and your family.
    Penny xx

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