Thursday, 29 December 2011

Another New Year 2012

Another New Year for us to welcome in. It hardly seems twelve months since the beginning of 2011.
…So much can happen in a year. We complain about all the negative things and tend to overlook all the blessings that have been bestowed on us during the year – Are we in general a pessimistic race of people? I think maybe we are, perhaps that’s why so many of us are superstitious……

Each January 1st that comes round reminds me of the old sayings that my grandmother to used say about this time. She was a dear lady with loads of common sense running through her veins but some of her sayings were amusing and some quite contradictory
*One must never do laundry on New Year’s day, as that would signify one would be doing it every day of the year*…but…she sometimes would say *If one felt well enough to do the laundry on New Year’s day then it meant one would feel well enough to do it on every other day of the year*!

The first person she let over her threshold on New Year’s day had to be dark haired and carry a piece of coal – and that person would have to leave by a different door than the one entered by, but that wasn’t superstitious in her eyes, she held out that it was just ‘tradition’!

Another of her sayings was *one must never put off doing jobs till a Sunday*…but…then she’d also tell the family that *better the day, better the deed *

One of my favourite New Year sayings of Grandmother’s (and I admit to saying this to myself if it’s not been a particular good year) *If the New Year is no worse than the last, it’ll mean I’ll be spared to tell the tale next year*

Grandmother was adamant that she wasn’t superstitious, but no-one would ever catch her walking under a ladder!...If she spilt salt on the floor she would stoop to pick a pinch up and throw it over her shoulder …and of course there were very many other things that we think of as signifying bad luck, but she could always come up with plausible reasons as to why we did them.

I wonder if in time these old sayings will die out – I hope not as they add an extra spice into our lives whether we believe in them or not,

I pray this New Year of 2012 will bring peace and forgiveness to the hearts of people all over the world … also that the forces of Nature will be temperate, so people don’t have their lives torn apart by earthquakes, flood nor fire.
.. I hope we manage to stay healthy and above all happy during this next twelve months – if we can do that, then we can say we’re truly blessed.


  1. My grandmother would say the same thing about New Year's Day... what you do that day you will do all year. She wouldn't clean. ;) Lovely post. It brought such a smile to my face!

  2. Lovely blog post Ann, brought a smile to my face too, A Very Happy New Year to you & yours for 2012 xx

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments:-)

  4. what great sayings, they remind me of things my mum used to say. Am going to enjoy your blog especially as i am a family history fan too.
    Gill x